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Brief introduction to stainless mesh 

Dandy roll stainless mesh adopts imported German or Japanese raw wires (material 316L), and such wires are knitted by imported knitting machine in domestic professional mesh factory. Such mesh has the advantages such as smooth mesh wire, consistent wire diameter, even mesh apertures and no mesh defects. In addition, its wire diameter and percentage of open area are customized according to the characteristic of paper making technique.

Through multiyear exploration, the company has kept expanding the application of stainless mesh to paper making (penetration type drying cylinder/ toilet paper machine vacuum cylinder mould ), building material (pulp filling cylinder mould), water treatment (advanced filter),non-woven fabric weaving (vacuum cylinder mould), etc.

Technical characteristics

Unique welding technology:
Abutted seam free spiral welding and formation of stainless mesh.

Electronic welding techniques are specially researched according to paper making requirements, and such welding has centralized heat, short welding time, small heat affected zone and small deformation and stress, and overcomes the defects such as weld zone stainless crystalline structure transformation, massive crystal grain and low tensile gentleness. Weld seams are fine, flat and smooth. Weld zone lattices are consistent with other parts and without block, and don't generate spiral weld seam trace during tissue paper making.

Stainless mesh has been applied to cigarette paper, decorating base paper, cultural paper, packaging paper, paperboard and others for many years, and is comparable with imported meshes.
Mesh standard
Determination of external mesh number:
Small mesh number facilitates dehydration, but may generate mesh trace on paper; excessive mesh number may cause water spatter.
Selection principles:
10 to 20 meshes less than forming mesh;
According to practical experiences, large order quantity papers such as cultural paper and paperboard adopt 40 meshes, while small order quantity papers such as special paper adopt 50 or 60 meshes, with mesh lining.
Standard specifications of common stainless meshes for dandy roll (316L)
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