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Introduction to dandy roll
Dandy roll is an effective equipment for improve paper uniformity; reduce the difference between the two sides of the paper, enhanced paper physical characteristics. Mainly used in the fourdrinier machine (paper machine speed < 700m/min), with a small investment but be very effective. It is easy for installation and operation. Mostly used in printing and writing paper, special paper, cardboard etc.

Through the technical trial and the actual inspection, the company reserves the right to develop the dandy roll which been successfully used in specialty paper production 650m/min and its effective width also reaches 5660mm. And it's getting on road for the dandy roll design and manufacturing to the higher speed and wider paper machine.

Scope of application of dandy rolls

1. Cultural paper, e.g. writing paper, dictionary paper, copy base paper, woodfree paper.
2. Special paper, e.g. cigarette paper, decorating base paper, capacitor paper, filter paper.
3. Paperboard, e.g. triple mesh and quintuple mesh whiteboard paper;
4. High strength corrugated paper.

Dandy roll was first used for cultural paper and special paper, and then to paperboard and high strength corrugated paper gradually. In recent years, the company has continuously researched the scope of application of dandy roll, made breakthrough in roller structure design and expanded the scope of application of dandy roll.

Impact dandy roll finishing factors
1¡¢Steady flow and water line£»
2¡¢Appropriate dandy roll diameter and roller body structure£»
3¡¢Appropriate external wire mesh£»
4¡¢The appropriate installation position£»
5¡¢The appropriate speed difference (dandy roll and paper machine)£»
6¡¢To maintain open cleaning and drainage of the wire inside and outside£»
7¡¢Suitable vapor pressure¡£

Factor 1 is the basis of good paper evenness; Factor 2, 3 are premises of good paper evenness and related to selection of dandy roll, speed of paper machine and paper type; Factor 4, 5, 6, 7 are dandy roll installation and use requirements, also guarantee of good paper evenness.

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